The Workshoppe: A Small Tear in the Carpet…

The photo you see above the headline is what The Workshoppe used to be.  Just past the counter in the front of the store you could step up and shop through our gifts, housewares, and the many re-purposed decor items from Old Things Made New – the moniker employee/manager, April Munson, creates under.  If you look closely at the floor, you can see some commercial carpet that Ted installed following our last remodel of this area in the 90’s.  At this time, we moved the paint department to where it is today and Sally Kramer (Ted’s wife, my mom) maintained home decor and gifts in this area.  The carpet served its purpose valiantly, but was showing its age and was even tearing on one of the steps up.


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With a renewed sense of vigor from our new logo and a front end overhaul, we knew we needed to use this momentum to continue updating the store.  The main focus was the worn carpet.   As we began to plan our attack as a staff, Ted had said that there were wood floors below the tattered carpet, but wasn’t sure exactly what kind of shape they were in.  Ted also knew that above the drop-ceiling there was four to five feet of space that may help the room feel less claustrophobic.  He even mentioned that the actual ceiling was adorned with tin, but he didn’t think it was in great shape any longer.  The possibility of all of these great, original features got all of us excited (if any of you know April, you know that she was hooked the minute the words, “tin” and “ceiling” came out of Ted’s mouth).

Our plan was simple: 1). Take out the drop-ceiling, bringing the ceiling height back to the original height and utilize the existing tin, hopefully only making minor repairs. 2.) Pull the carpet to examine the original flooring underneath, refinish if viable.  3.) A little paint refresher on the walls.  4.) Put housewares, and April’s merchandise back in place.  Done!  Little did we know that this would lead to much, much more…  LK


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